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October 01st 2014
October 01st 2014



cute petticoat dress

I have a definite weakness for coatdresses

October 01st 2014



I have received permission from the artist to repost their work. Please DO NOT reproduce their work without proper permission!! { x }
October 01st 2014


do you ever feel like you love a character more than their own writers do

October 01st 2014


A The Proposal Ereri AU where Levi is Margaret and Eren is Andrew

can you just see it like “Levi your being deported back to France” and Eren just innocently walking in Levi just grabs him like “you cant cuz eren and i are getting married” and Eren is all ASDFGHJKL WTF DID U JUST SAY. also hanji plays the crazy grandma, i need this in my life 

October 01st 2014


Artist: Shane Ludwig | Pixiv Id: 41811368
with written permission from the artist to repost (x)
October 01st 2014



With permission to repost, do not reprint without artist permission

[please do not remove source]

October 01st 2014


Just remember when a dream appears
You belong to me


I was going to draw them dancing but it turned into this. Ah well, I ship it.

Texture by: Knald

Pose ref/inspiration here

October 01st 2014


Hm haven’t made an edit in awhile

October 01st 2014


"This is as good a place to fall as any
We’ll build our alter here
Make me your Maria
I’m already on my knees
You had Jesus on your breath
And I caught him in mine
Sweating our confessions
The undone and the divine
This is his body
This is his blood

Such selfish prayers
And I can’t get enough”  -Bedroom Hymns, Florence + the Machine