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I try not to do it too often, but this blog is nsfw.

April 24th 2014



Tom Hiddleston seen filming scenes for Crimson Peak in Toronto on April 23, 2014 [HQ]


April 23rd 2014

Okay, I still want EurNile to happen in a Blades of Glory AU.

Erwin as Chazz Michael Michaels

Nile as Jimmy MacElroy

They hate each other’s guts but will their combined manpower result in the success of performing the seemingly impossible Iron Lotus?

Eren as Stranz Van Waldenberg, Levi as Fairchild Van Waldenberg- are the siblings ever going to win a competition with fair play? Not likely.

April 23rd 2014


SnK Fanart: Erwin and Nile in the early days. - Apr.23 2014

April 23rd 2014


Josh Groban - False Alarms

The feels ; ___________ ;

I am closing up my window
'Til I see a blue horizon
And the quiet calm of love
Will fly my way

aka fuck my life

April 23rd 2014
April 23rd 2014

A little bit personal, a little bit tmi

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April 23rd 2014
April 23rd 2014
April 23rd 2014


I think Netflix just explained Attack on Titan to me. 

Thanks, Netflix. 

April 23rd 2014


Art credit :Pixiv ID: 36972588 [User is not there anymore]

I decided to do another follow forever, at least until the summer but please forgive me if I make any mistakes somewhere. These are writers, artists and just people who have talked to me; those who I enjoy on my dash constantly, even if it was just a small bit.
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